Tom and Anne Moore Peace & Justice Qualifications

The purpose of the Tom and Anne Moore Peace & Justice Award program is to promote peace and justice efforts in the local community and to recognize individuals or organizations who exemplify the goals of peace and justice through their practical and constructive work locally, nationally, or internationally. Any Douglas County organization or individual resident is eligible for the award. An LCPJ committee made up of coalition members and local residents reviews nominations.

Tom and Anne Moore Peace and Justice Award

1. The Tom and Anne Moore Peace and Justice Awards Committee
A special committee may be formed.
One person from LCPJ active group will act as chair.
Another person from LCPJ will serve on the committee, with the third member
from the community. When feasible, a previous recipient of the Award
will be asked to participate on the Committee.
On occasion, the LCPJ active group may serve as a Committee of the whole.

2. The Awards Committee or LCPJ as a whole will request letters of nomination during the last week in January through appropriate sources such as the Peace Monitor, local newspapers and newsletters, radio announcements, etc., as well as through contacting appropriate groups directly.
Attention will be paid to seek nominations on behalf of organizations as well as individuals.
Supporting materials may be attached to nomination letters.
Nominations from the previous year may be reconsidered if the nominator agrees. Additional information about previous nominees may be submitted.
Deadline for receipt of nominations will be April 1.

3. The Awards Committee or LCPJ as a whole will review application materials by or at the April LCPJ meeting. Final selection shall be made by LCPJ as a whole at the April meeting.

4. Criteria for the selection of the Awardee(s) is based fundamentally on how well the nominee(s) exemplify the mission and goals of the LCPJ.
Two Awards may be given in one year: one for an individual, one for an organization. In a given year, however, if there are no acceptable nominees for one of these categories, only one award may be given, or if there are more than one acceptable nominees for one of these categories, more than one award may be given.
No currently active member of LCPJ is eligible to receive the Award.
The nominee’s sphere of activity may be local, national, or international.
The nominee’s activities may be social justice-oriented, peace-oriented, or both.
Nominees may be awarded for their long-time, broad-based contributions to peace and justice, or for special projects of shorter duration that have significant impact on peace and justice.
Volunteers will have preference over paid professionals, and local activists will have preference over state and national nominees.
No group or individual may receive the Award more than once.

5. Nominations are submitted in a written letter to LCPJ. Supporting materials may be attached to letters.

6. An appropriate award will be given the Awardees. (In the past this has been an engraved plaque.)

7. The LCPJ Coordinator will notify the Awardee of the Award which will also describe the details of the formal presentation.

8. Presentation of the Awards will be made at a Spring LCPJ event or some other appropriate forum.
An appropriate event shall be organized by LCPJ at which the Award will be announced.
Announcement of the Award will be made to the print, broadcast, and digital media.
Invitations to the event at which the Award is presented will be distributed widely throughout the community by LCPJ.
Either the LCPJ Coordinator, the Chair of the Awards Committee, or another active LCPJ member will present the Award.
The LCPJ Coordinator or the Chair of the Awards Committee will send a letter to Anne Moore describing the event and the year’s recipients.

9. The Chair of the Awards Committee or the LCPJ Coordinator will inform all persons submitting nominations, thanking them for their interest in this LCPJ project.