1997: LCPJ Forum ("On Dangerous Ground: The Tragedy of Landmines", April 24) co-sponsored with the KU chapter of Amnesty International and the Douglas County United Nations Association.

1992: Develops the LCPJ Peace Salon to discuss a specific issue related to peace and justice in the Lawrence community, in the region, the nation, or the world.

1990-91: Organizes nineteen Sunday vigils for peace in the Middle East, drawing 700 participants on one Sunday. Sponsors a public forum with Representative Jim Slattery on the Persian Gulf Crisis as well as a public forum on the roots of Iraq's invasion of Kuwait. Mounts a vigil at the Lawrence Holidome in connection with a visit of Senator Robert Dole to Lawrence and meets with him to discuss the Gulf Crisis. Participates in a state-wide rally for peace in the Middle East in Topeka.

1989-90: Sponsors three public forums and lectures on "Political Changes in the Communist World."

1988-89: Endorses a series of vigils in witness to the passage of trains carrying highly explosive Class A fuel and motors for Trident missiles through Lawrence.

1987: Proposes to the Lawrence City Commission a resolution commending Gorbachev and Reagan for signing the INF Treaty to do away with intermediate range nuclear weapons; it passes unanimously. Richard Rhodes, Pulitzer-Prize winning author of Making of the Atomic Bomb, speaks.

1986: Proposes to the Lawrence City Commission a resolution calling upon the US to join the Soviet Union in its moratorium on nuclear weapons tests and asks the two countries to conclude a comprehensive test ban treaty; it passes. Joins other groups in collecting signatures on 12,000 postcards inviting Gorbachev and Reagan to meet in Lawrence for a "Meeting for Peace."

1985: Sponsors a full-day conference with Ralph White, Frank Rubenfeld of Psychotherapists for Social Responsibility, and Lawrence Weiler, former arms control negotiator.

1983: Works with other city groups in hosting visiting Soviet athletes who participate in the KU Relays. With KU student groups creates a series of events under the title, "Let Lawrence Live" in response to the showing of the file, "The Day After" on national TV.

1982: Organizes a city-wide referendum on nuclear weapons freeze, concurrent with city elections; it passes by 74 percent. Hosts a community potluck supper for Japanese monks on their transcontinental march to New York for the UN conference on disarmament.

1981: Roger Fisher speaks on "The Limited Role of Force in Conflict Resolution."

1980: Frances Moore Lappe, founder of the Institute for Food and Development Policy, speaks on "Challenge of the Eighties: Removing Obstacles to Food Scarcity."

1979: Richard Barnet, founder and co-director of the Institute for Policy Studies, speaks on "Power, Arms, and Taxes: The Need for a New National Security Policy."

1978: Kenneth Boulding speaks on "Human Rights and Economics."