The Lawrence Coalition for Peace and Justice is dedicated to the propositions that violence begets more violence, that the forms of violence are social and economic as well as physical, and that the human spirit can reach its highest potential only in an atmosphere of peace, mutual respect, and generosity. (read more)

February Peace Vigil

The LCPJ Monthly peace vigil will be held Saturday, February 7th. We stand at 9th and Massachusetts from noon until 1 pm. We have been standing for 12 years and we welcome you to join us.

February Business Meeting - LCPJ

The next LCPJ meeting will be held Sunday, February 8 at 2:30 pm in the Education Room of the Community Mercantile, 9th and Iowa. This month is a working business meeting. We will be folding and addressing the Peace Monitor at 2:30 and conduct business at 3:30. On the agenda is the annual meeting. If you have other items for the agenda please send them to with AGENDA in the Subject Line.

See you there.

2015 Tom and Anne Moore Peace and Justice Award Nominations

Lawrence, KS - For twenty years, the Tom and Anne Moore Peace and Justice Award has supported and rewarded promoters of peace and justice in the local community by recognizing individuals or organizations who exemplify the goals of peace and justice through their practical and constructive work locally, nationally or internationally. In this year when our country is conducting two major wars, the Award is also a light of hope shining on a harsh reality filled with uncertainty and a thinning safety net.

December 17 Update

Green Drinks Lawrence
Green Drinks is a global network for people who work in the environmental field. They are saving the world one sip at a time. This month Green Drinks Lawrence is meeting at Merchant's Pub and Plate, 746 Massachusetts, Wednesday, December 17, at 5 pm. Check it out.

Peace Choir Caroling

Weekly Activities – Meetings, Protests And Vigils

Art and Conversation: 1 -5 pm, United Way Building, 2518 Ridge Court. Art and Conversation is a friendly gathering for women high school age and above who are in recovery from the experience of sexual violence in their lives. Contact Lindsey at 785.843.8985 or to enroll in this FREE Art-Based Support Group. Meets every first Saturday.

Grandparents Kinship Support Meeting. 4 – 5:30 pm Redeemer Lutheran Church, 27—N. Lawrence Ave. Meets every 1st Sunday.

LCPJ Year in Review

2014 was a busy year for the Lawrence Coalition for Peace and Justice. Here's a list of some of the things we accomplished
2 Tom and Anne Moore Peace Awards awarded
4 Peace Monitors Published
12 months of coffee for the shelter
12 Peace vigils conducted
52 Weekly email updates
Celebrated our second annual International Day of Peace
Demonstrated once more our horror at the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.
Entered a float in the Earth Day Parade
Conducted a campaign urging Christmas shoppers to avoid war toys

Kansas Matters by John W. Hoopes

A flurry of bills in the Kansas legislature over the past few weeks have been especially disturbing, provoking comments, disdain, and even ridicule in national and international news media.
HB 2453 - Protecting religion-based discrimination, especially against same sex couples.
HB 2473 - Expanding the ability of Kansans to carry guns and preventing municipal ordinances that control gun use.
HB 2553 - Denying Kansans the benefits of the Affordable Health Care Act.
HB 2604 – Erecting barriers to no-fault divorce.

GI Rights Hotline: 1 877 447-4487

The GI Rights Hotline provides accurate, helpful counseling and information on military discharges, AWOL and UA, and GI Rights:
Why should I call 1-877-447-4487?
The GI Rights Network is a private, nonprofit, nongovernmental organization that answers thousands of calls from military personnel and their families. There are many reasons for these calls. You can call us for help with any of the following issues:
• DEP Discharges (Delayed Entry Program)
• Entry Level Separation
• Dependency or Hardship Discharges
• Medical or Disability Discharges

Tom and Anne Moore Peace and Justice Award Winners


Shelley Miller
Shelley Miller (1954-1994) was a close friend to many, neighborhood and community activist, and citizen of the world. For several years she used the ECM kitchen to prepare weekly rice and beans dinners to raise awareness and funds to support freedom movements in Central America. She directed her estate to support her heartfelt causes, and it has funded renovations to this kitchen as an enduring tribute to her passion for freedom and justice. The ECM kitchen is dedicated to Shelly Miller.